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SmartDeals made just for you!

No need to print, clip, or file. CartSmart does all the work for you. The more you use CartSmart, the better the deals will become. You don't want your mailbox full of lousy deals, and neither do we.

Goodbye scissors & sticky notes!

See what's on sale in nearby stores and add it right to your grocery list.

Make your list a SmartList!

It's the best way to organize your grocery shopping trip, because:

  • You'll always have it with you
  • It's sorted to follow the store layout while shopping
  • CartSmart searches for more deals on items from your list and unlocks them in-store while you shop!


Add SmartDeals, sale items, and other things you need in your list. You can have multiple lists if you're a super-planner, or just one if you like to keep it simple.


The SmartList keeps you organized and on-track in the store. While you shop, CartSmart finds even more deals for you on items in your list.


Take a photo of your receipt as proof of purchase. Your trip earnings will show up in your SmartAccount*: you can decide what to do from there.

*Please allow up to 48 hours processing time.

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